From our initial meeting, I knew that choosing Nicole was the right move. Her accountability and professionalism was consistent throughout the whole staging process. I strongly believe that using her services was the reason that our house sold after one day on the market, at full asking price. I will definitely be referring Nicole in the future.
E. Peigan

Ottawa, On

Home Staging Solutions


When you stage your home, you are giving your home the competitive edge!

With COVID-19 changing how we’ve had to do things, we are pleased to announce that our Virtual Staging Consultations will now be a part of our regular services.


There are 3 steps to successful staging your home

1 – The Consultation

The consultation is the first step.  This is where we come in. Our recommendations are all based on what the targeted demographics are for your home.   We offer 3 consultations to fit your needs and your budget.

 2 – The Action Plan

This is the editing process and where the real work begins.  The action plan involves pre-packing, decluttering, and addressing any necessary painting, repairs and updates.

3 – Showcasing

The third and final step to home staging involves the furniture placement, artwork and layering in of accessories.

Home Staging Consultation

Ready to list your home? Simple Elements offers 3 home staging consultation packages to suit your needs.  We can do this in person or virtually.  The choice is yours! 

Standard Consultation

This includes a written evaluation of your home including recommended repairs and updates, furniture arrangement, decorating and paint colours. Investment starts at $200

Premium Consultation 

Our most popular package includes everything from the standard consultation, plus: ~Promotion of your listing, and open houses on our social media sites ~Finishing Touches™ Service – We return on the day of the photos, for those last minutes touches ensuring your home is picture perfect.  This takes approximately 15 minutes. Any additional services that are requested are provided at the same time. Investment starts at $250

Executive Consultation

Includes everything from the Premium consultation, plus: ~2 hours of home staging assistance immediately following the consult OR ~A small accessory/artwork rental package.  Items will be brought on the day of photos and are based on the style/needs of the home.   It also includes delivery and time required to set up and style the items.  Approximate value $250. Investment starts at $500


All Simple Elements Home Staging Consultation packages include:

~Client Care Package- this is an informative package that explains the home staging process and provides handy tips for getting the process started. 

~Up to 2 hours of a full home evaluation, including the exterior.  A written report is provided immediately following the consultation with our recommendations.

~Discount on your first month’s rent at Dymon Storage. ______________________________________________________________________________________


If you are short on time or require assistance, we offer our showcasing services.  Upon completion of the checklist, we will come in and showcase your home using your own furnishings, including furniture placement, artwork and accessories.  Up to 6 hrs. Investment starts at $600 ______________________________________________________________________________________

Vacant Staging

Did you know that only 10% of people can envision a space and its true potential? That means 90% of buyers will likely overlook a vacant property.   This severely reduces the amount of prospective buyers.  This also means that vacant properties stay on the market longer and are the hardest to sell. 



We offer a 1 hr assessment and bid proposal of our recommendations.  Investment starts at $125 (credited toward showcasing)


We source, arrange delivery and place the furniture, accessories and art work necessary to showcase your property. The result is a home people can envision themselves in and want to own.

3 Rooms: Investment starts at $2200 + HST

5 Rooms: Investment starts at $2700 + HST

7 Rooms: Investment starts at $3100 + HST

I was getting my house ready for sale and to be honest it was overwhelming as to where does one start. Nicole came in and all I did was walk around with my notebook and pen and write down all her suggestions. Purge, reorganize and upgrade became our mantra.. She took 2 hours and it was the best time spent ever. We took all her suggestions and with even only doing 80% of it, our house sold within 6 weeks compared to many that are still sitting on the market for months. She was courteous, insightful, professional and above all knowledgeable in what she does. I would recommend her.
~C. Chabassol,

Aylmer, QC.