From our initial meeting, I knew that choosing Nicole was the right move. Her accountability and professionalism was consistent throughout the whole process. I strongly believe that using her services was the reason that our house sold after one day on the market, at full asking price. I will definitely be referring Nicole in the future.

E. Peigan

Ottawa, On

Home Staging Solutions

For Occupied Properties…

There are 3 steps to a successful home staging.

1 – The Consultation

The consultation is the first step.  This is where we come in. Our recommendations are all based on what the targeted demographics are for your home.   We offer 2 consultations to fit your needs and your budget.

 2 – The Action Plan

This is the editing process and where the real work begins.  The action plan involves pre-packing, decluttering, and addressing any necessary painting and repairs.

3 – Showcasing

The third and final step to staging involves the furniture placement, artwork and layering in of accessories.

Home Staging Consultation


The Walk and Talk. We do a walk through and thorough evaluation of your home, and its features. What we cover:  Focal points, The function of each room, lighting and window treatments, colour recommendations; home repairs and what to prepack.  Up to 90 minutes. Investment begins at $175

 DIY Comprehensive

This is ideal for the person willing to DIY. Our complete consultation includes everything our Basic offers but includes: Furniture layout to ensure proper flow; curb appeal from the driveway to the back fence.

At the completion of our consultation, you will receive a comprehensive written report detailing the action plan and of those, a top ten list of priority recommendations.  No waiting 24-48 hours for a follow up report.  Up to 2hrs. Investment starts at $250.


If you are short on time or require assistance, we offer our showcasing services.  Upon completion of the checklist, we will come in and showcase your home using your own furnishings, including furniture placement, artwork and accessories.  Up to 6 hrs. Investment starts at $600

For Vacant Properties

Did you know that only 10% of people can envision a space and its true potential? That means 90% of buyers will likely overlook a vacant property.  This also means that vacant properties stay on the market longer and are the hardest to sell.  Exactly what you don’t want.


We offer a 1 hr assessment and bid proposal of our recommendations.  Investment starts at $125 (credited toward showcasing)


We source, arrange delivery and place the furniture, accessories and art work necessary to showcase your property. The result is a home people can envision themselves in and want to own.

3 Rooms: Investment starts at $2200 + HST

5 Rooms: Investment starts at $2700 + HST

7 Rooms: Investment starts at $3100 + HST

I was getting my house ready for sale and to be honest it was overwhelming as to where does one start. Nicole came in and all I did was walk around with my notebook and pen and write down all her suggestions. Purge, reorganize and upgrade became our mantra.. She took 2 hours and it was the best time spent ever. We took all her suggestions and with even only doing 80% of it, our house sold within 6 weeks compared to many that are still sitting on the market for months. She was courteous, insightful, professional and above all knowledgeable in what she does. I would recommend her.

~C. Chabassol,

Aylmer, QC.